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I need help with setting the backlash

posted Jun 20, 2009, 7:22 AM by James Roe   [ updated Jun 20, 2009, 7:25 AM by Chuck Shaw ]

The backlash is set via servoconfig.exe

Bob wrote:

This weekend I decided it was time to setup the backlash. I read the Help
file but I am still a bit confused.

Don answered:

Yes you first move to center the target with the UP and LEFT buttons, then
"Click Here" using the ServoConfig Backlash tool. Then move the scope/mount
with those same buttons far enough so that pressing the DOWN and RIGHT buttons
moves the target back to the center position, then "Click Here" on the backlash

Rememder you have to use a fixed target - not any star. Polaris works OK
otherwise use a recognizable terrestrial target like a distant tree branch,
pole, rock, mountain feature, etc.

I need help with PlatesolveXP

posted Mar 21, 2009, 10:09 AM by James Roe   [ updated Jun 20, 2009, 7:12 AM by Chuck Shaw ]

First, refer to Chuck Shaw's

Don wrote:

Help! I tried making a PlateSolveXP run last night - it didn't go smoothly. First (and my main question here) how do you get and keep CalPointXP window so I can build a model? The window closes about 2 seconds after opening by pressing "Make PointXP Run" in the script window. Your instructions say to click on "keep window open" Where?

Brian answered:

In Windows Right-Click on the Program Shortcut or Icon
Left click- Properties
Here tick the "KEEP ON TOP" checkbox

Don wrote:

I have a dome, and the sequence of targets requires the dome to keep up with the slewing. I want to reorder the targets, which is why I wanted to use CalpointsXP to built my target list. My dome has a tall slot, so it is easier to slew altitude between points rather than always slewing azimuth.

Dan answered:

I think you should go to the SiTech Config, select Misc and Ascom (I think), and set the Slew Settling time, to whatever you want.  You can set this for 20 seconds if you want, and you'll be able to move your dome no problem.....

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